Alfreda's Community Transformation Partner (ACT Partner)

alfreda's Community transformation Partners (ACT Partners) unit with Alfreda's Soul Food to meet community needs. Through Alfreda's, you can run food promotions that will generate revenue for your organization. You gain recognition and social awareness by being connected with an organization that has been providing hospitality to Houston's Families for over a half century. alfreda's looks forward to partnering with community businesses, nonprofits and churches. Become an act Partner to forge a rich heritage and hope for houston today. Contact for more information.


Mosaic Ministry Inc. (501c3), since 2012, provides shared spiritual care, permanent housing and employment for individuals reentering society from correctional facilities, homeless shelters and drug recovery programs. The ministry's aim is to equip men in sustaining reentry into Houston's neighborhoods. If you or someone you know needs housing, please

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The People's Family Workshop (501c3) seeks out individuals with Fine Arts talent in Houston to facilitate their professional careers (of all ages) through media exposure, competitions, and awards. Go to for more information.

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